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When you book a consultation with me, you'll receive the invaluable gift of personalized guidance. I understand that every family and every situation is unique. That's why I take the time to get to know your family's specific challenges and dynamics.

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As a specialist in CPV, I've dedicated my career to understanding and addressing this complex issue. I'm here to provide you with a deeper understanding of the challenges you're facing, and I'll offer you expert recommendations that have been proven to work.


The heart of what I do as a family therapist is to empower families like yours and guide you toward transformation. We'll work together to help you see that a brighter and more harmonious future is not only possible but entirely within your grasp. 

About Laurie Reid

I’m Laurie Reid, LMFT, MCAP, licensed marriage and family counselor, certified addictions professional, former personnel man in the United States Navy, co-author of the Breaking the Cycle of Child to Parent Violence curriculum, and author of the “Parents’ Guide to Resolving Teen Aggression and Abuse” video program.

In our work with more than 600 families, we have learned that the best way to reduce abuse and violence within the home is not by separating the family, but by collaborating with the parent in a supportive and empowering stance.

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